Ca La Conxita


How we produce our jams

We only work with seasonal products, that is why some varieties are not available all year; we recommend that you have enough foresight in the pantry with the varieties that you like best.

ecological? Yeah, as much as possible. We seek a balance between product quality, the proximity of the producers and the final sale price.
organic sugar? Little, this is a debate we have between ourselves and with our customers:

  • Organic cane sugar comes from South America in a plastic container with a boat.
  • White beet sugar from the north of the Iberian Peninsula in recycled paper packaging arrives by truck.

Whenever possible, we prefer local products…
We make some varieties with organic sugar, mostly with white sugar.

We care about the environment:

We use recyclable packaging (the glass), the lids are single-use to guarantee hygiene and good preservation of the product.
Seals and labels are made from recycled paper, and printed in a single ink, to leave the minimum environmental impact.

In our product shipments, we prefer recycled cardboard protective fillings, and cardboard boxes, and they are also from local producers.

We like (and a lot!) go to craft fairs to promote our product and spend some time in your town, when all this happens and we resume the departures, we will inform you where you can find us